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The 3 Most Common Traits of Our Most Successful Clients

Over the past 10 years, we have seen every type of client imaginable.

We have worked with people online, in person, one on one, and in groups, and I can confidently say that our most successful clients don't have a type.

Success isn't based on how athletic you are or what previous experience you have. It isn't based on how much you know or what other programs you have tried. I have found that the most successful clients have 3 traits that I can spot from our first conversation.

Successful clients are humble and willing to listen.

The biggest success stories aren't always from those who know a lot coming into their training. Coming in with no prior experience and being open to listen to what our plan is usually leads to big wins.

Unfortunately, there is so much false information floating out in space that many people come in with expectations of how their program should go rather than trusting the program we create.

Having questions is acceptable and expected, but questioning everything your trainer does will lead to a frustrated trainer and act as a barrier keeping you from moving forward to be the huge success story you want to be.

Successful clients have big goals.

Even if they aren't convinced that they can achieve it, our biggest success stories walk in knowing they want to make a change. I typically hear things like "I have over 100 pounds to lose, is that unrealistic? I'd be happy with 30 pounds for now and move from there."

Like I said, most of these clients know deep down what they want, whether they currently believe it to be possible or not.

Once they see how easy it is to actually get results, they continue to dream bigger and bigger goals for themselves.

Successful clients have a support system and challenge others.

Like I said, a successful client may not start out believing that they can do it, but once they realize they can, you can find them motivating others to do the same thing. Usually that client becomes part of the community and is known as the encourager or motivator.

You will also find that they have a support system; a spouse, child or friend that is pushing them to keep going or doing it with them!

If this describes you.. Share this!

If you would like to be a success story and think this COULD be you..

Reach out to us! We would love to help your goals become a reality.

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