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Hey you! It's been long enough, time to get back to training!

It has been said that discipline trumps motivation all day any day. More accurately though, motivation sets the action in motion until discipline can take over and create consistency. So it has been 3 months since the shutdown was lifted and you STILL aren't back in your groove; what then? Your routine was abruptly halted and (for many of us) discipline went out the window by week 2. What you need is motivation to get the ball rolling again. Here are a few ways to get your mojo back!

Assess the damage/reset goals!

So first, you need to assess how far you have fallen off track and no, it's not going to be pretty. Some members were able to hold steady while others gained 10-15 lbs. No matter which camp you're in, it can be demotivating to see your progress halt or back track. Get a new in body scan, take new progress pictures and start from where you are.

Next, take a close look at your goals and adjust them to your new starting place. For some it was a competition, for others it was a weight loss goal, but realize that everything has been pushed back AND THAT'S OKAY. You didn't fall behind, the world paused! Reassess the time frame of your goal and get started!

Try something new!

If you haven't started in these last 3 months, there's a chance that your goal isn't motivating enough or your routine isn't fun for you anymore. The whole point of goal setting is to give yourself something to chase after eagerly; if you aren't doing that then your goal is boring to you now so pick something new! The wonderful thing about Barkes Fitness is that there are SO many different athletes and goals, in here, just ask around to find ideas! Powerlifters, bodybuilders, olympic lifters, strongman competitors, weight loss, we have it all here just ask!

Switch up your workouts!

If you aren't eager to get back to the monotony of your routine in the gym, try brand new workout styles! Throw in conditioning days, turf days, heavy/speed bag training, or just change up your training split! Challenge yourself by removing machines and only using free weights, or add full body exercises such as olympic lifting. There are literally so many ways to train that I guarantee there is an exciting new option or two for you!

If you would like to get started again but are at a stand still, our training staff would love to talk through it with you and give you ideas!

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