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Meet The Barkes Fitness Team

Barkes Fitness is a diverse group of professionals that all have something different to bring to the table. Regardlees of degree, certificate, or experience each of our trainers bring a level of professionalism and innovation to the table. Below meet each of our trainers and learn a little about what we have to offer. 

Owner, Amanda Barkes 

Amanda was a high school athlete that enjoyed participating in extra sports to include sand volley ball leagues, mini marathons and yoga classes. Amanda realized her personal interests could help change others lives. She self educated and has devoted the last 7 years to learning everything she can in health and fitness.

As a mother, Amanda wants to help set an example that you can be healthy and have a family/life. Amanda competes in figure competitions and does yoga regularly. She a certified FAI (Functional Aging) and takes a lot of diligence learning soft tissue muscle therapy and stretch. 

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Chad Merchant

Chad knew at an early age growing up in W.V. watching horses that he had an interest in muscle development and how the body works. He began training at the age of 13. Chad was offered a scholarship in football but after having to take a year off he needed to find something to keep him busy and a passion of strength training grew.

At the lowest point in Chad's life he recognized he found peace in the weight room and knew that he was meant to help others find that same peace. He obtained a certification through AAAI & ISMA and the rest is history. Chad enjoys competing in body building which he'll tell you was "never part of the plan" and personal training. 

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Tyler Ratcliffe

After leaving the sport of swimming in 2012, Tyler took to the gym for the first time. He followed a growing passion for athletic performance to Greenville College (now University) and earned a degree in Kinesiology. Tyler spent multiple semesters interning for the strength and conditioning program for the athletes of GU. During this time, he also decided to study for his ACE personal training certification and began his career as a trainer at the local gym.

Although he has worked with a wide variety of clients, from athletes to 55+, Tyler became fascinated by the creative side of working behind the scenes of a facility to provide the best atmosphere for success. He hired Ben as his coach at the beginning of 2018 to continue his education, fell in love with Barkes Fitness and joined the team in June of 2019.